Facilitating a writing workshop is an ever emergent, critical and creative praxis, informed by the humanizing, democratic praxis of popular education, responsive to the interests, aims, and orientations of a particular writing group as participants take ownership of their individual participation and collective activity.  Thus there are no guidebooks or “how-to” steps for facilitating a writing workshop.

However, over the years the CWP has gathered together ideas and insights from different writing groups, and compiled them into a series of  “tip sheets” focusing on aspects of the writing workshop process which facilitators and participants may find useful. Below are links to those tip sheets, available in English and Spanish.

Tips for good story writing / Apundatores para historias bien escritas

Tips for developing and presenting writing prompts / Sugerencias para desarrollar y presentar apuntadores efectivos para escribir

Tips for responding to workshop writing / Sugerencias para responder a la escritura del taller

More tips for responding to workshop writing (English only)

For information about the workshop process more generally, see this page.